WordPress Plugins

Services Plugin

A plugin to create service pages and then collect short descriptions of those services on one page. The Services plugin creates a post type to show off and organize all of the services listed on your site. Describe a given service to a great extent, as well as list the services along with your other services on one common page.

Choose Your Own Path

This plugin lets you add “choose your path” links at the bottom of a page so that users can be guided to the next destination on the site. The Choose Your Own Path plugin creates a list of links to other pages or posts. This also allows the placement of a widget with relevant contact or the placement of a short code.

Share Cluster

Create your content and then have that content shared with other websites inside of the your cluster of owned sites. All of the sites in your cluster will talk to each other site, sharing select content. These pieces of content can show up in a widget area. Links are clicked and people are sent through to a destination page. The links are shared to a network of other ShareCluster plugins active on other sites. Each site must name and be named to allow the transfer of ads and similar content.
Available in free and premium versions